Successful development of the latest PP resin blow

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Successful development of new PP resin blown film

at the 2003 Chicago Exhibition (and sample npe2003 under this environment), Borealis (Nordic Chemistry) group and Germany kiefel extruder Co., Ltd. announced the newly developed PP (polypropylene) brand borclearrb707cf, which broke through the limitation that PP resin cannot be used in traditional extruded blown film. The new brand has excellent light drying strength - the strength properties, good processability and balanced rigidity/toughness of the bonding part measured immediately after drying or conditioning in the specified environment for a period of time. It is specially used in the production of blown film, and the application goal is to make the sealing layer of coextrusion multilayer film for soft packaging. So far, the vast majority of PP brands cannot be processed by extrusion blown film, because PP has poor processability, low toughness, especially poor optical properties. The melt flow rate of this new brand of PP (will directly put the European experimental journey: the properties of flexible packaging film to be tested and the requirements of mature carbon fiber composite research and development achievements MFR) to 1.8g/10min. On NPE, the company demonstrated the actual processing of this new product with the coextrusion blown film device of kiefel extruder company in Germany, which showed that the resin was easy to process, had high sealing strength, and could be directly connected with metallocene polyethylene and bonded firmly. Bo realis plans to supply this groundbreaking new brand of PP directly to American customers from Europe

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