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Successful development of new water-based anti-corrosion, anti-static and conductive coatings recently, the "development and development of nano (composite) water-based anti-corrosion, anti-static and conductive coatings in tanks" project undertaken by Guangdong gaokeli new materials Co., Ltd., South China University of technology and Maoming Branch of China Petrochemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Maoming Branch) passed the technical appraisal organized by Sinopec in Maoming, Guangdong

according to the introduction, this product completely solves the problem that the main connection surface and exposed processing surface of Bayer material casting in solvent type production should not have sand holes, pores, shrinkage Technology: the product is flammable and explosive. The appraisal committee agreed that the product technology has filled the domestic gap and is at the international advanced level

for a long time, solvent based epoxy resin layer or raw paint layer has been mostly used for anticorrosion in oil storage tanks of petrochemical system. Solvent based anticorrosive paint contains a large number of volatile organic solvents. These solvents not only pollute the environment and seriously endanger the health of operators, but also are not easy to diffuse and the concentration continues to rise in such a closed environment as oil storage tanks, which is very easy to cause combustion and explosion. Therefore, it is imperative to develop high-performance waterborne metal anti-corrosion coatings. Waterborne coatings have become one of the hot spots and important development directions of metal anti-corrosion coatings

in October, 2005, Guangdong gaokeli new materials Co., Ltd. formally approved the development of waterborne epoxy antistatic anti-corrosion coating at the request of Maoming Branch; In May, 2006, the company, together with South China University of technology and Maoming Branch, applied for the Guangdong Provincial Science and technology research plan project "Research on the application of nano powder materials in water-based metal anticorrosive coatings", which was supported by the project. In terms of class quality, more and more attention has been paid to the problem group. Through the microscopic analysis of the composition of anti-corrosion coatings, different proportions have been selected. After thousands of formula design, experimental research and product performance testing, water-based epoxy resin, conductive filler, curing agent, dispersant and nano materials have been used to develop nano (composite) anti-corrosion, anti-static and conductive coatings in tanks. After testing, all technical indicators meet the requirements of the latest national standard "technical code for anticorrosion engineering of steel oil storage tanks" (GB), which completely solves the potential safety hazards such as flammability, explosion, odor stimulation, poisoning and suffocation of solvent based anticorrosive paint used in the past

according to the introduction, since the product was used in the gasoline intermediate tank of Maoming Branch in October, 2007, after more than a year of observation, the coating in the tank has not rusted and fallen off, the product performance is excellent, and the anti-corrosion technical indicators are up to or better than similar solvent based products; Compared with the traditional solvent-based anti-static metal anti-corrosion coating in the tank, the cost of this product is 10% lower per square meter, and it has the advantages of better corrosion resistance, non-toxic, pollution-free, safe use and so on. Experts from the appraisal committee suggested that it should be vigorously promoted and applied in the petrochemical system

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