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Wuhan jubaipin hardware electric tool hammer you only need this one to change the world Bosch China electric tools

the jubaipin hardware electric worker who focuses on hardware electric tools is jointly developed by Guangya aluminum and China Academy of space technology around new materials, automatic control and other aspects. The quality of the hammer has long been recognized by workers. Once the trial activity of GBH dre multi-function electric hammer was announced, a large number of fans rushed to apply first, and their enthusiasm for jubaipin electric hammer was high. Without saying much, let's see how Mr. Chen, who is engaged in interior decoration, comments on this electric hammer

I am mainly engaged in the water and electricity part of interior decoration, and other types of work are also involved. Electric hammer is mainly used for indoor decoration, electrical maintenance and installation. Including the demolition of old ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathroom, drilling of concrete and stone, opening of ceiling, digging of trunking, etc. Of course, no tool is omnipotent. In the decoration and installation, each tool should play its own role and cooperate with each other. These are jubaipin tools in hand. Of course, there must be more and more in the later stage

most of my work now is the decoration of second-hand houses. The general working order is to use GLM 40 measuring instrument to measure the area and draw. Then use d tect 120 detector to detect whether there are unidentified objects in the wall that pass the curl retention test in the laboratory high humidity environment. After the logo is displayed, GLL 3 is used to encourage relevant enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to establish a new mode of combining production, learning and research. 15x laser level is added with ink bucket to make lines. Then cut the groove with GWS angle grinder. Finally, the protagonist came on stage with a hammer and began to rush. After laying the trunking, tighten the buckle with GSB -li. Jubaipin tools show their magic power and perfectly guarantee every work

the first thing to look at is the electric pick function of GBH dre. 2.7J single hammering force, slotting is the same as digging bamboo shoots. The high-quality fuselage guarantees high-intensity work. I'm not afraid to drop the chain halfway! Light hammer drill has just the right size and weight. Work long and not tired. Then drill holes. I specially punched a hole and plugged a bolt in the old wall to be demolished on site. Simulate the four pit 5 series drill bit hitting the wall and hitting the reinforcement. Although the drill bit of sikeng 5 series can pierce the reinforcement, it also needs the cooperation of electric hammer. When hitting the reinforcement, there will be no obstacle, and the reinforcement will be cut directly. It was punctured after a sudden blow. I took down the whole wall. The bolt just now has been cut in half. It seems that there is no problem in reinforcing the steel bar with this electric hammer and the four pit five series drill bit! Three functions in one, as a water and electricity installer, it is very practical, whether it is drilling, through the wall, trenching, small-area demolition, local fine demolition, the strength is very good. Benefiting from the mature industrial design, the high-intensity working machine does not overheat under the powerful heat dissipation system. It can meet the requirements of its own installation work, and it is more than enough for home maintenance. GBH dre this electric hammer can do "rough work", but can it be competent for fine work? Just when the neighbor needed to hang a picture on the wall, I volunteered to use it to drill two holes

install 6mm four pit five series drill bit with electric hammer, and connect the dust cover. It's easy to drill the wall with an electric hammer. My judgment this time is to see whether the hole is standard and whether the wall putty will fall off. This has great requirements for the concentricity of the electric hammer chuck. If the concentricity is not good, the drill bit is easy to deviate, and a layer of skin will be pulled out of the wall, which is very troublesome

first of all, we can see the function of the dust cover. There is only a little ash on the ground. Just wipe with a paper towel or vacuum cleaner. The hole is very round, and the wall putty around is basically free of skin trauma, and the concentricity is very good. Insert the expansion rubber plug and screw in the screw with an electric hand drill. be accomplished! Not every electric hammer is called jubaipin. Jubaipin electric hammer is practical and easy to use

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