Finite element analysis of the stator of the hotte

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Finite element analysis of single screw pump stator

screw pump stator is the key component of screw pump. The stator of conventional single screw pump is studied by using the finite element analysis software ANSYS. Under the action of 5 MPa uniform pressure on the stator, the stress, strain and deformation of the inner contour of the stator, stator rubber and stator steel sleeve are obtained; The characteristics and rules of stator deformation of conventional single screw pump are analyzed

single screw pump is more and more widely used in oil fields because of its high efficiency, simple and compact ground equipment, safe and reliable operation, convenient management, light weight, small floor area and less one-time investment. The structure of screw pump is shown in Figure 1, which mainly includes stator and rotor. The stator is composed of stator rubber bushing and steel sleeve. Stator rubber is a vulnerable part in the structure of screw pump, Its coordination with the rotor has a great impact on the working performance of the screw pump. Adjust the condenser to the center of the field of vision (most of the research microscopes you can use must do this action. At present, there is no effective method to detect the deformation and stress of stator rubber under working conditions, so it is an effective means to analyze some fine different particles in the process of using each single screw pump experimental machine with finite element method.

1 Establishment of model

1. 1 geometric model

the outer layer of stator is generally steel sleeve, and the inner layer It is a butadiene rubber bushing, which is bonded in the steel sleeve through vulcanization process. The inner surface of the rubber bushing is a double helix, and the cross-sectional profile is composed of two semicircles and two straight lines with a radius of R (equal to the cross-sectional radius of the rotor). The length of the straight-line segment is equal to the center distance of the two semicircles, because the cross-section of the screw has an eccentricity e relative to its own axis, and the axis of the screw itself has an eccentricity e relative to the axis of the bushing, so the center distance of the two semicircles is 4E. Taking glb800 conventional screw pump as an example, the geometric model is established. The new index of environmental protection and energy saving of stator steel sleeve improves the threshold outer diameter of detection users who focus on firmness in the paper industry

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