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Wuhan Iron and steel (Group) Company

Wuhan Iron and steel (Group) company, the top ten steel brands, the world's top 500, China's well-known trademark, the national advanced quality and benefit enterprise, the state-owned super large steel complex, the important state-owned backbone enterprise, China's important high-quality plate production base, and the national advanced unit of user satisfaction, WISCO is the first super large iron and steel complex built after the founding of new China. It began construction in 1955 and was completed and put into operation on September 13, 1958. It is an important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. The plant area of the headquarters is located in the eastern suburb of Wuhan, Hubei Province and the South Bank of the Yangtze River, covering an area of 21.17 square kilometers. WISCO has a complete set of advanced steel production process equipment from mining, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling and supporting public and auxiliary facilities. It is an important high-quality plate production base in China and has made important contributions to China's national economy and modernization. Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has jointly reorganized the protection and maintenance of the pressure blasting experimental machine of Hubei iron and Steel Co., Ltd.: after the shares of Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., it has become a large enterprise group with a production scale of more than 40million tons, ranking fourth in the world steel industry. In 2010, WISCO achieved an operating income of 190.7 billion yuan and a total asset of 203.8 billion yuan, ranking 340 among the world's top 500 enterprises

WISCO has three main industries, namely steel manufacturing, high-tech industry and international trade. Steel products mainly include hundreds of varieties, such as hot-rolled coil, hot-rolled section steel, hot-rolled heavy rail, medium and heavy plate, cold-rolled coil, galvanized plate, tinplate, cold-rolled oriented and non oriented silicon steel sheet, color coated steel plate, high-speed wire rod, etc. At present, the three strategic product bases of WISCO have been basically completed, and WISCO has become the world's largest silicon steel production base with first-class quality and variety; The self-developed automobile panel has the supply capacity of medium and high-end cars; High performance engineering structural steel, high-quality long products, etc. maintain a leading position in China. Among them, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and ship plate steel have won the title of "China's famous brand products", and high-quality famous brand products such as automobile plate, bridge steel, pipeline steel, pressure vessel steel, container steel, cord steel, fire-resistant and weather resistant steel, and electrical series steel have enjoyed a wide reputation in our laboratory machine production market at home and abroad, "WISCO brand" has been rated as a national well-known trademark. According to the report released by the world brand laboratory, the brand of WISCO ranks 56th with 17.052 billion yuan

WISCO's related industries include coke, refractory materials, chemical industry, powder metallurgy products, water slag, oxygen, rare gases, coal tar, crude benzene, ammonium sulfate and other steel by-products, and undertakes engineering design and construction, machinery manufacturing and processing, transportation, logistics warehousing, automation technology, overseas resource development, investment and financing and other businesses at home and abroad

in recent years, WISCO has won honorary titles such as the national technological innovation award, the national quality management award, the national quality benefit advanced enterprise, the national user satisfaction advanced unit, the national enterprise management outstanding contribution award, the national civilized unit and one of the top ten models of central enterprises

Over the past 50 years, WISCO has experienced three startups. In October 1955, the Qingshan plant of WISCO officially broke ground, and WISCO people started their first business, ushering in the birth of the first steel capital built in New China. In 1974, WISCO introduced the one meter seven rolling mill system from the former Federal Republic of Germany and Japan, creating a precedent for China to systematically introduce foreign steel technology in terms of product variety and performance. Only when WISCO started an enterprise can it produce plastic products, and it began its second venture, and embarked on a "quality benefit" development path

Since 2005, WISCO has fully implemented the scientific concept of development, worked hard to carry out the third entrepreneurship, promoted the "three transformations", and made outstanding achievements in production, operation, reform and development: the central and southwest strategy has been solidly promoted, the production capacity of the headquarters has doubled, the three major variety bases have been basically formed, the independent innovation ability has been greatly improved, the "going out" strategy has made a breakthrough, the internal reform has been continuously deepened, and the related industries have developed healthily, Remarkable achievements have been made in energy conservation and emission reduction, the corporate culture has formed its own characteristics, and the lives of employees have been continuously improved

the enterprising WISCO people, adhering to the core value concept of "quality and efficiency, integrity and win-win results, innovation and Transcendence", are accelerating the transformation of development mode and striving towards the development goal of the "12th Five Year Plan": the operating income of the main iron and steel industry has reached more than 250billion yuan, the income of related industries has reached more than 110billion yuan, has a number of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, and their comprehensive strength remains at the forefront of the world's iron and steel industry, Become an excellent enterprise with strong competitiveness among the world's top 500 enterprises, and show the world their glory and dreams

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