Finland refuses to import a plastic toy made in Ch

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Finland refuses to import a toy made of Chinese plastic as the basic component of the tension machine industry

recently, the European Union rapid warning system for non food products (RApex) issued a consumer warning against Chinese made "lelukulma" brand plastic toys. The notification country of this case is Finland. There are two kinds of plastic toys in this notification. It is understood that one is the transparent ball containing plastic animal toys, a group of 16, with an import batch number of 3312; The second is the transparent balls containing plastic baby toys, a group of 6, import batch number 4032. The style/Model Code of the toy is yy004632 and yy004635

because the toy ball containing animals and babies in this notification is very easy to be put into the mouth of children, once swallowed, there is a risk of suffocation, which meets the need of precise direct extrusion of plastic products. At the same time, some spherical toy hinges are hard and easy to split under external pressure. This product does not comply with EU 1. When users choose and buy toys, they are used to do simple tensile tests, tightening tests, etc. and the relevant EU standards en

at present, the competent Finnish authorities have ordered to refuse to import this commodity

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