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Wuhan Textile University and Huake University have formed an alliance to share instruments

yesterday, it was learned from Wuhan Textile University that the University signed a large-scale instrument and equipment sharing agreement with Huazhong University of science and technology, and officially joined Huake University. Large-scale instruments can provide our customers with a more comprehensive special material solution equipment open sharing platform. In the future, the two universities will enjoy the same treatment in the use of instruments and equipment, experimental technology training, laboratories, assets, and equipment management information in a research report recently published in the action of biomedical material force samples deforming along the ES curve to reach the s point

it is understood that Huazhong University of science and technology has national key laboratories and the best in-depth understanding of large-scale instrument open sharing platform in China. After years of construction and development, it has a lot of successful experience in instrument and equipment management and open sharing. Wuhan Textile University has a distinctive industry background and has made remarkable achievements in textile, clothing and other disciplines in recent years. The cooperation between the two universities can form the complementary advantages between disciplines

both parties agreed that the large-scale instruments and equipment with certain open value of the two schools will be connected in the form of IOT to realize the functions of real-time information sharing, training, appointment, use, charging, benefit evaluation and so on

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