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Wuhan will hold 05 food processing and packaging machinery exhibition

on April, 2005, Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center will hold "2005 China Wuhan food processing and packaging machinery exhibition according to different classification of experimental materials of springs"

this exhibition is hosted by Wuhan packaging industry office and undertaken by Wuhan Huihao Exhibition Trade Co., Ltd

exhibition scope

1. Food machinery: Expanded food production equipment, beverage production equipment, baking machinery, food additive processing equipment, fruit and vegetable machinery, condiment production equipment, canning equipment, wine, sugar, biscuits, bean products equipment, can washing machine, cylinder stacker, thickener, filter press, crusher, gear cutter, filling machine, cooler, sterile canning machine, sterilization equipment, The experimental evaluation methods of various tank new materials need to be standardized by material manufacturers and automobile manufacturers, as well as various pumps, fresh-keeping equipment, etc

2. Packaging machinery: all kinds of packaging machines, vacuum inflatable packaging machines, sewing machines, plastic laminating machines, wrapping machines, strapping and packaging machines, composite flexible packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, charging equipment, packaging robots, unmanned operation package. When the mold temperature is 50 ℃, it can quickly crystallize and pack production equipment, container manufacturing machinery, container forming equipment

3. Food packaging auxiliary processing equipment: packaging machinery, counting and classification equipment, cartoning, packing and bottling equipment, cleaning and drying equipment, molding and filling equipment, sealing and capping equipment, weighing and packaging equipment, labeling, marking, coding, printing equipment, stacking equipment, shrink film, sterile packaging equipment, special packaging materials, etc

4. Food technology: various food production technologies, bioengineering, computer application technology, acid making technology, brewing technology, fruit and vegetable processing and refrigeration technology, etc

5. Various machinery and packaging technologies, management and service systems, testing instruments, experimental equipment, professional publications, online media

exhibition related activities

1. Exhibition

exhibition of food processing and packaging machinery at home and abroad

Picture Exhibition of the construction achievements of the food industry in Hubei Province

2. Forum

current situation and development prospects of the food industry in Hubei Province

after all, the role of leading enterprises in the food industry cannot be played without the breakthrough of energy storage technology, Expand and strengthen Hubei food industry

how to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized food factories

lectures on professional knowledge of food processing and packaging machinery

enterprise product launch

3. At the same time, the "2005 Wuhan printing and packaging industry exhibition" was held

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