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Wuhan Xiaomi lighting control teaches you how to use smart home

Wuhan Xiaomi lighting control teaches you how to use smart home

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Wuhan Xiaomi lighting control teaches you how to use smart home

formulate a unified market plan, limit the business circle, limit the development, ensure the monopoly operation of investors in a certain region, avoid vicious competition, implement the regional autonomy policy in the agency region, and you can diversify and make profits without paying any fees. Wuhan Xiaomi lighting control teaches you how to use smart home! As for the price, to be honest, it's not expensive to put more than 30000 together, but if it's Xiaomi products of price butcher, will you accept such a price? Recently, I received a lot of inquiries from friends to the effect that I want to install Wuhan Xiaomi smart home system. What should be paid attention to in the decoration of this kind of sample? I have summarized the following points. It is a centralized answer for your reference:

1. The electric curtain controller uses 220V power supply, so power sockets need to be left near both ends of the track (the total length is less than 6 meters, and any end can be selected), If the curtain track is more than 6 meters, it is recommended to leave a socket at both ends. The reserved track groove of monorail curtain shall not be less than 20cm, and that of double rail shall not be less than 30cm

2. The wall panel of Xiaomi smart home supports two opening at most, and it is recommended not to use three opening or more switches. If three or more wall switches have been used, it is recommended to merge or disassemble the new junction box appropriately, as shown in the following figure. After installing the Xiaomi smart home full home control app, we can comprehensively monitor the interior of the home through the smart camera to check the situation at home. In case of abnormal conditions, it will alarm immediately and send a push reminder to the user. During the national day trip, you can get real-time information about your home. The production materials of the experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. use the parameters of the high-end model. If you encounter problems, you can ask your neighbors or property management for help in time. Don't think that smart life is out of reach. With these three magic weapons, even if you are thousands of miles away, you can remotely monitor household devices as long as you hold them. With Xiaomi smart home, smart home helps you take care of your home, so that your journey can be happy and reassuring

3. The camera is generally installed at a higher position near the ceiling. It is recommended to leave a higher socket nearby, which is 5~20cm away from the ceiling. The glass of the exhibition hall is also pasted with conductive film, and the switch can change from transparent state to opaque state of frosted glass. In this way, a better balance can be achieved between lighting and privacy. Of course, this switch can be controlled manually, or the scene can be set for a fixed time to switch automatically, or even connect the temperature sensing device to switch automatically when the temperature is too high, so as to obtain a better heat insulation effect. Not only the transparency of the glass, the curtain can also be pulled up or opened electrically through the remote control

4. A stable and reliable zero fire line scheme is recommended for all wall switches, so all wall switches need to reserve zero lines when decorating and changing power. If it is inconvenient to reserve the zero line, select lamps with a maximum power of not more than 800W when selecting lamps

5. The intelligent wall switch can form a dual control switch with the wall mounted wireless switch, and there is no need to specially route the dual control switch in the early stage. If there is already the wiring of the double control switch, you don't need to ignore it. In the later stage, you can directly close any 86 cassette. Before closing, you need to short-circuit the live wire of the cassette and any control wire

6. The power line of natural gas alarm is 1.5m long, and a socket is required nearby. The gas alarm cannot be installed directly above the gas cooker. It is recommended to install it on the ceiling above the side or on the utilization wall of the relaxation testing machine, 1~4 meters away from the gas cooker. 4. Air conditioning Companion (off); In fact, after all, this air conditioning partner is the protagonist today, and it is also the one that surprised me the most when I got these products. The biggest feature of this air conditioning partner launched by green rice China Xinda launched the 100000 ton engineering plastic upgrading project is that it can match the vast majority of air conditioners in the market, making ordinary air conditioners instantly turn into intelligent devices. In addition, the air conditioning partner also plays the role of off, It is also the command and dispatching center of all devices. All the devices mentioned above need to be paired with it. It can be said that it is a "tube" in smart home

7. Students Mi Jiaguan and Xiao AI need to occupy a socket. If the socket is tight, it is recommended to reserve it specially

8. Leave power supply and water supply and drainage near Xiaomi water purifier. Through the connection of wireless network, such a smart home system can be easily implemented and make life more convenient. More importantly, the cost is very low, which is a price that everyone can easily afford. After asking, excluding the household appliances, the whole system, such as sensors and routers, can be completed within 20000 Taiwan dollars, or even lower. The threshold of cost and technology has been reduced, and the previously unattainable smart house has flown into the homes of ordinary people

Wuhan Xiaomi lighting control teaches you how to use smart home!, 20: 00 movie viewing; Ordinary home: I didn't see the time and accidentally missed the latest live broadcast. I was lying on the sofa ready to enjoy it. Suddenly, I found the light was too bright and ran to turn off the headlights. Smart home: you can control all the entertainment systems in your home through voice or, and automatically close the curtains and dim the lights at the beginning of the movie. 23:00 sleep; Ordinary home: lying in bed, I found that the light in the living room was not turned off, but I was too lazy to get up. Forget it, let's stay up all night. The electricity bill will be deducted. Smart home: gently press the "sleep" Scene key, the light brightness will be dimmed slowly, the curtains will close automatically, the outdoor security system will start, and the system will automatically adjust the air conditioning temperature after sleep to avoid catching cold. As long as the above is done, there will be no problem when Wuhan Xiaomi smart home system is installed later. Of course, there are many products supporting Mijia, especially various electrical appliances. Different electrical appliances have different requirements for installation conditions. This article only lists some common electrical appliances. If you consider using others, you can refer to the instructions to make relevant preparations

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