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Wuhan household paper exhibition

whether it is necessary for life or health care, the market demand for household paper adds bhsi344 down 1 personalized demand on the basis of comfort and safety. The polyglutamic acid and polylysine mentioned by Dr. Feng Xiaohai belong to poly amino acids. Starting from the production process, we take E- F@ctory Intelligent manufacturing solutions are the framework to help enterprises create flexible manufacturing that meets small batch, multi batch and diversified needs, and provide solutions covering the whole process for the household paper industry

the 26th International Science and technology exhibition of household paper

time: April 17-19

address: Wuhan International Expo Center

(No. 619 parrot Avenue)

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booth No.: b1k21

based on the market, you need to have a technology to take root in the industry, but also need a full set of solutions

Mitsubishi Electric e- F@ctory Industry intelligent manufacturing solution

fa-it cooperation solution

01 operation performance management system

the system carries out the operation performance (output, beat time) management and abnormal resume management of each production line. The device information is summarized to the general programmable controller through the network and stored in the database server through the MES interface

02 quality management system

the system can store the equipment number, operation history and quality data used in each production process. Whenever the workpiece (engine) passes through each process, the system will send its number, processing history and inspection history to the server

03 alarm information management system

stores the fault information (process name, fault content, cause) of the production line in the alarm information management system, reads the formula information (operator name, fault content) when the system starts, and the detailed information when the fault occurs can be input and transmitted through the display

manufacturing process scheme of sanitary products

1 winding tension control scheme

uncoiling of production materials such as non-woven fabric, rubber band, PE film

2 Pants/baby pants host line

iq-r motion 196 axis high-speed synchronous control

3 Pants/baby pants host line requiring dynamic fatigue testing machine

limit output function

4 Pants/baby pants host line Film sorting stacker

high speed input signal color code compensation function

5 robot handling

replace manual work and improve productivity

the site will also show the successful cases of automatic cam generation function and synchronous encoder to realize the synchronization function between equipment, which are applied to the main line of adult Pants/baby pants, film sorting stacker and medium charter machine. Welcome to visit and consult on site

Mitsubishi Electric e- F@ctory Help you

take a key step in intelligent manufacturing

April 17-19

Wuhan International Expo Center b1k21

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